Falstad Day!

This post is pretty much just a big thanks to Paul Falstad, as the guy’s clearly a genius, (this should be enough to prove it) and he also created something that most likely prevented quite a few circuit-related mishaps… the Circuit Simulator. This allows you to plan out circuit diagrams, and then test them to make sure it won’t result in a tragedy.

Here are some of the things that I’ve made (and plan on building). Each link leads to the Circuit Simulator, keep in mind that Java is required.

Max’s Circuits:

Battery Drainer

In a failed attempt to create the most useless device ever, I created a circuit that sucks energy from whatever it’s plugged into. Unfortunately, I failed the task, as we found that it could be theoretically be plugged into a wall outlet, causing in incredibly high electrical bills. (66 cents every second!) The problem with this is if one were to be caught- just imagine the charges! instantrimshot.com

Sawtooth Bass Synth

As opposed to something that’s probably illegal, here’s something that’s actually pretty useful! Each push-button corresponds to a resistor, resulting in a note! It’s set in a lower octave, meaning it would work well with the ‘bassier’ tones. It’s even possible to sync two (or more!) units with each other, and possibly oscillate the waves or add effects.

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One Response to Falstad Day!

  1. cam says:

    Agreed, Falstad is one of the unsung heroes of technology.

    Did you manage to get his “circuits” menu to work running his app in the JRE under linux?

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