Happy Happy Fun Day with Resistors!

Hello, dear reader! (I say reader because it is highly unlikely that more than one person reads this.) My name is Keith Mitchell, and i am an understudy of Secoya Rittenberry, electrical warlock of the 12th order, and a contributor to the Linux Pizza blog!

Now, as an understudy, I have a problem. I know very little about electronics, and yet I still must have updates for the blog, or risk failing grades. The answer to my problem came in a flash of insight: poorly made flash videos!

YES, DEAR READER! Now YOU can watch my zany antics as we leap through the electrifying world of electronics, filled with danger, love, and Op-Amps! You can watch the first of my many instructional videos HERE.

Tallyho and away!

-Your faithful correspondent Keith


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One Response to Happy Happy Fun Day with Resistors!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I read this, you slammin’ d-ball.

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