Have we gone over this?

Probably not. Basic context:

When electronic parts are needed for a project, you could either go to Radioshack (convenient but expensive), or order them from online (cheap but slower). For the longest time, Max and I have had a hard time finding the best site to order from- whether it be because of part stock, pricing, shipping time, or otherwise. The main place we kept revolving around was Mouser (, because they’re located just outside of Ft. Worth, making shipping cheap.

Recently, during the summer, we consulted this guitar repair man in Austin Vintage Guitars. We asked him about a possible suggestion for a good, reliable place to get parts. He told us about this great site called Tayda Electronics (!

This company, however located in Bankok, has the cheapest parts for electronics I’ve ever seen. And, for being in Thailand, it has relatively cheap shipping!

That’s all for today, folks, happy bending/modding/breaking/building!


P.S. This site is where I’ll be ordering the parts for the vocoder Max and I will be building!

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