Efficient Christmas light hallw(d)ay

Recently, the idea came about that in the main front-door hallway of my house, [my family] wanted to hang up some Christmas lights to replace the glaring overhead light.

Problem: There isn’t an outlet in the hallway. (And it’d be inefficient to plug and unplug the lights anyway, even if there was)

After some thinking, I came across the idea that, since the light bulb plug uses the same voltage as a wall outlet, what if you could just make an adapter of sorts? And, once made, you could plug in the lights, and turn them on/off directly from the wall switch!

Shortly afterwards, I started in to making it, and finished it in about half an hour.

Final Product:

Sparkfun Light Outlet

Once made, I replaced this (crazy) contraption with the overhead light bulb, plugged in (and hung) some Christmas lights, and tested it out! Luckily, it didn’t explode, short, spark or injure! (I don’t have a photo, but take my word that it’s there)

Spared from laying about parts, I’m honestly amazed that in this case, form met function, and that it fit together so nicely.


Cheers to the modders/scrappers/rappers/and builders,


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One Response to Efficient Christmas light hallw(d)ay

  1. passing by says:

    Good idea. Of course you could forgo the excitement (of risking that your soldering to the remains of a lightbulb base comes undone and shorts out, or worse, causes a fire trying to short out) and buy the same thing for probably 3 or 4 bucks at Walmart 🙂

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