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Octave Theory/Design Day

An octave pedal, as the name implies, is a circuit that’s meant to increase or decrease an audio source by a full octave. Unfortunately, these circuits are also often incredibly complicated. However, I’ve had an idea for an octave-up schematic … Continue reading

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Tremolo Day

Here’s something that I’ve been working on recently… Tremolo is an effect or technique that involves the rapid triggering of a sound– you’ve almost certainly heard it before! When used properly, you can get great sounds out of it. That’s … Continue reading

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Extended Return of the Pizza Day

Apparently, the previous article was our 30th post. Hoorah! Anyway, here’s some more of our summer shenanigans. Arduino Keyboard This was a project that I really wanted to finish, but was unfortunately postponed due to some… complications. (I’ll get into … Continue reading

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Return of the Pizza Day

We’re back! In celebration, I’ll be making a few posts about stuff we did over the break. Arduino 16 Step Sequncer Many of our projects came out of the greatness of the Arduino project. Essentially, the Arduino is a magical … Continue reading

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Return of the Microcomposer Day

A while back a blogged about the Roland MC-300, which is a hardware sequencer. I decided to revisit it, and made a much improved video on it. Including a poorly executed multi-cam setup!

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Bells, Whistles, and Alarm Clocks Day

I’ve had this alarm clock since the beginning of the year, and the concept is interesting enough… Alarm goes off, solve a simple mathematics problem. The main flaw in this is that you can’t see what you’re doing, so mainly … Continue reading

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A ‘tracker’ is a kind of audio production software that uses multiple columns as channels- or tracks. Trackers have been around since the days of the Commodore 64, and are usually dependent on a specific sound chip. This is one … Continue reading

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